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Determined as:Asteraceae Pulicaria gnaphalodes (Vent.) Boiss.
Collected by:H. Freitag & S. Rilke, 5.09.1992
Determined by:Osmonali Bektemir, 7.08.2019
Flowering status:fruiting
Herbarium:Rilke Private Herbarium of Sabrina Rilke 17489 Greifswald Acc. No.: 26115
herbar scanscans available
Geogr. Region:Alma-Ata district
Next important location:30 km NW Karoy
Locality: SE border of lake Blkhash, 30 km NW Karoy
Habitat:dence and tall halophytic Phagmites belt at the outer shore
Taxon Pulicaria gnaphalodes
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